Mobility Mondays: Lacrosse Ball Magic for Improving Deadlifts

We've had a few requests for Mobility Mondays requesting a post about mobility for deadlifts.  Most of the questions are around hamstring tightness.  We could do endless posts focused on improving your mobility for a deadlift, but honestly, everyone's problems may be different.  If you feel you are having serious issues with your deadlift, we recommend going to a strength and conditioning coach or a physical therapist (preferably one that focuses on mobility for athletes), as they can truly diagnose your weak areas. 

So to keep things simple in this post, let's go over a drill you can perform after a workout or on non-deadlifting days in order to release some of your hamstring tightness.  The best part about this drill is that all you need is a lacrosse ball (or softball works too).  

Check out this video we found from Paradiso CrossFit explaining the "Hamstring Smash" myofascial release technique for the hamstring.

FitnessNikki Ticknor