Prevention Smoothie

I'm always looking for quick fix protein smoothies right after a workout or as a meal replacement, but sometimes it seems like I'm just throwing random fruit and veggies in a blender without any rhyme or reason.  

After reading the book "How Not to Die", by Dr. Michael Greger, I decided to take some of his knowledge and make a "prevention" smoothie.  All of the ingredients serve a purpose in our health and have been studied and proven to prevent and treat everything from high cholesterol and heart disease to cancer and stroke.  

Ingredient #1: Blueberries (1 handful)

Purpose: Prevent stroke through powerful antioxidants.   

Ingredient #2: Kale (1 heaping handful)

Purpose: Control cholesterol levels and prevent heart disease. 

Ingredient #3: Tumeric (1 tsp)

Purpose: Prevent and treat cancers of the stomach and colon.

Ingredient #4: Coconut Water (1-2 cups) + Ice

Purpose: Lower cholesterol and improve blood pressure. (This ingredient was added based on readings from  Feel free to add your own protein to the smoothie or just drink it plain.  Have a great day!

FoodNikki Ticknor