Mobility Monday

We are kicking off our "Mobility Monday" series with a quick warm-up from fitness coach and mobility expert, Mike Morrison.  Mike has extensive experience training movement quality in clientele ranging from weekend warriors to professional athletes. He has a Master’s degree in Kinesiology from the University of Georgia, where he was also a strength and conditioning coach. He then helped to train the Atlanta Hawks of the NBA before starting his own training business in Atlanta.  

Each Monday, we will be sharing a new mobility video that will aid in the improvement of your workouts or your client's workouts.  Please feel free to send questions or comments below the post if you would like more information on the movements. 

That being said...before you even think about picking up that barbell, kettlebell, or rep out one squat, do this first...WORK ON MOBILITY!  

You may be thinking "I'm flexible.  I don't need these mobility drills.".  WRONG.  Mobility and flexibility are two completely different things.  Mobility refers to how freely a joint can move throughout its full range of motion and flexibility is lengthening your muscles.  While being flexible is important to prevent injury, it doesn't necessarily mean that you are properly mobile in your movements.  For example, being able to sit and reach your toes is not the same thing as being able to control movement through that entire range of motion.  

Check out the video below as Mike takes us through a quick mobility warm up that should be performed before every workout.

For more mobility tips and tricks, check back every Monday for our "Mobility Monday" series.  If you are interested in learning more about mobility or personal training with Mike Morrison, send him a shout out to